Is Smoking Cigars Worse Than Smoking Cigarettes

I know everyone knows of the effects of smoking cigarettes, but what about smoking cigars? They are actually much worse than smoking cigarettes. A lot of people think that smoking cigars is less harmful to you than smoking cigarettes is, but that is not true. One big cigar has as much tobacco in it as a whole pack of cigarettes – that is a lot of tobacco! Think of it this way: when you smoke a cigar, you are smoking 20 cigarettes at once. It is like taking a pack of cigarettes and pulling out all the cigarettes, putting them in a bunch and smoking it. They say that cigars are not as bad as cigarettes, but I beg to differ.

Smoking cigars can bring all types of cancers that affect your lungs, pharynx, oral cavity, and your larynx as well. They have done research on this and they find that cigar smoke can or will do some major damage on your body and your health. This research also says that it can give you pancreatic cancer, too. It is dangerous to all living things and us. People need people to realize this and stop smoking these cigars. People who smoke cigars throughout the day and everyday can suffer from lung cancer, other cancers, and other disease as well. It can give you breathing problems just like cigarettes do because it can destroy your lungs. It can get to the point where it is hard to move because you will not be able to breathe as well as you did, and it can hurt your family’s health, too.

When you smoke a cigar, you will get nasty brown-colored residue all over your teeth. They smell awful, and they will make your house smell that way for a long time. It gets on your clothes, skin, and in your hair, too. You will smell just like a cigar. To people who smoke three or more cigars a day, their risk of getting oral cavities are 8 more times likely than someone who does not smoke or is not near this kind of smoke. Cigarettes and cigars are addictive due to the nicotine in them and cigarettes are more addictive to get hooked on than cigars are, but in time they are hard to get off of. My best advice to you is to not smoke cigars or cigarettes because it can ruin your lives.

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