Robotics in Surgery – Promises treating different cancers more efficiently now!

An organ in the lower abdomen that stores urine is known as the bladder. Sometimes tissues are formed in the bladder and this leads to bladder cancer. Most deaths especially in the United States occur due to bladder cancer and therefore it is one of the most common cancers. The most common symptoms of bladder cancer are pain while passing urine, blood in the urine, lower back pain and the frequent urge to urinate. One of the riskiest factors in developing bladder cancer is smoking.

Chemotherapy is the most useful therapies while treating bladder cancer. However, demand for robotics has been increasing rapidly with newer technologies now available. Using robotics in surgery is one of the most efficient forms in bladder cancer treatment. The basic feature of this type of a surgery is that the robotic arms copy the surgeon’s actions. Bladder cancer patients are promised a better effective surgery and also a smooth post-surgical recovery. Robotics surgery also prevents a patient from staying for a much longer duration in the hospital.

Prostate cancer is also becoming a very common disease with the changing lifestyle and according to the research is the second cause of deaths among American males. Prostate cancer is contained within the prostate gland. The two active prostate cancer treatments are surgery and radiation. Prostate cancer treatments entirely differ depending upon its stages. If the stage is early, then surgery and radiation is the most advised treatment by the doctors. However, the choice for a particular surgery or the radiation highly depends upon certain factors like age of the man, life expectancy, any other health problems, etc. A substance called PSA (prostate specific antigen) is also produced in the prostate gland. PSA in higher level is one of the main symptoms of a prostate cancer. A PSA test is an effective method of detecting prostate cancer. A blood sample is taken to test for PSA and the results are available in few hours’ time. High PSA increases the chances of the prostate cancer. If treatment is through surgery, then the entire cancerous gland gets removed completely.

It’s advanced technology that helps in treating cancers like cancer of the bladder, prostate cancer, cancer of the kidney, and many such life taking diseases. If diagnosed in a timely manner, surgery by using robotics can actually promise to give a new life.

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