Reasons why regular exercises are indispensable for IBD patients

Physical fitness doesn’t indicate the need to starve oneself to lose weight, nor does it emphasise essentiality to workout strenuously to shed the extra pounds. However, in our desperate effort to look slim, many of us are tempted to cling on to these extreme methods. A balanced regular exercise regimen is the healthy way to losing weight while maintaining the overall health and wellnesses. It helps maintain a healthy weight, while avoiding nutritional losses that can lead to weight loss and malnutrition. Fitness maintenance is a long-term process, and involves meticulous methods that prevent the assimilation of unnecessary fat deposits. But when it comes to maintain physical fitness while combating severe gastrointestinal disorders such as inflammatory bowel diseases, both diets and exercises have to be carefully planned with the disease condition in mind. This helps ease the efforts to supress the acute GI inflammation as well as the debilitating symptoms that most IBD patients suffer from. That said, exercises should not be attributed to kick-starting the regimen with heavy workouts, kickboxing, jogging, and so on. Heavy workouts might delay deep remission or symptom-free stage, and instead trigger active flare-ups that worsen the health conditions of the patients. Hence, making wisest choices of exercises include adopting milder workout plans that can be adopted on a daily basis, in order to relive the inflammation and prevent related health woes. Below are some of the main reasons why exercises are advantageous for IBD patients

1.Exercises ensure speedy recovery from IBD surgeries – If medications fail to help IBD patients achieve remission, surgery for IBD cure becomes indispensable. IBD surgeries are both specialised and complex, the reason why a post-surgery healing has to augmented with the right diet plans and workout regimens, apart from the needed medications that facilitate easy and lasting healing.
2.Regular workouts help lower stress, which is one of the key reasons that trigger IBD flare-ups and exacerbations. Physical activity is a widely recommended way to beat stress.
3.Living with acute autoimmune diseases can take a toll on the overall emotional wellbeing of the patients. Exercises help boost mood by triggering the production of endorphins, the hormones that relive abdominal pain.
4.Regular exercises can also lessen the risk of colorectal cancer, one of the worst outcomes that IBD patients fear about.

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