Wtc memorial event believers approach


Look not every man on his own things but every man on the things of others,

Let this mind be in you, which was also in CHRIST JESUS…

Although 9/11 took all of us by surprise (and shocked many of us), we, the
church, should react differently than most Americans. We are not given the
“spirit of fear.” For the times and seasons, brethren, we have no
need to write unto you… for God is not appointed us unto wrath (Thessalonians
5:1 &5:9). Rather, we believers should be taking the lead in suggesting
answers and offering healing. We must set the standards for the world, not
vice versa.

Soon after 9/11, the country saw a 65% increase in church attendance. Unfortunately,
many who sought the Lord in fear fell away quickly. Why? Perhaps a false belief
that we are now safe again … and that it is now “OK” to resume
a worldly focus?

The founders of this country—the men and women who built America—were
believers. Believers should take the lead in rebuilding it. Remember that
“the times and seasons” of which Paul spoke entailed recognizing
the signs of the Lord’s imminent return and doing all we can do to reap.
This event will give the church an opportunity to unite and host a quality
event. The World Trade Center Memorial Event will provide every Christian
willing to share his/her abilities and talents with an opportunity to exercise


Paul said, “…I am made all things to all men, that I might by all
means save some.”
(1 Corinthians 9:22)

The World Trade Center Memorial Event plan is simple—to demonstrate our
Christian belief by word, deed, and love. The DFO plan is to have multiple
activities and events for seven days throughout the New York metropolitan
area. Each evening will end with memorial services in which prominent national
and local clergy will bring a variety of messages. The services will be held
at either Ground Zero or Central Park.


If it be possible with all that lieth in you, live peaceably with all men
(Romans 12:18)
The objective of DFO, as a Christian evangelical organization, is first to
offer an answer of hope and healing in a time of crisis. We will take advantage
of every opportunity to “plant, water, and reap” through functions
with a secular format. Over the last ten years, DFO has proven its ability
to draw the unchurched — those who would not normally walk into a church,
revival, or Christian function. at DFO functions, those who attend come in
contact with believers who build long lasting relationships outside the event.
Those relationships lead the lost to local churches.

DFO will draw the young (and young at heart) with seven days of competitive,
informational, and entertaining activities. All who desire to participate
will have an opportunity to do so at no cost. The events will be held at several
locations throughout New York City. For example, Prospect Park in Brooklyn
may host The Kick: Soccer Tournament; Pelham Parkway in the Bronx may host
the Baseball /Softball Jamboree; Jacob Javits Center may be a good place for
Computer Games. In addition, there will be multiple activities at other NYC
public and private locations. Other events include The National Job Fair and
The National Human Service and Non-Profit Expo at Central Park. All locations
will provide free refreshments. The only requirements for spectators and participants
are that they give attention to speakers at appointed intervals. The appointed
intervals will be preceded by contests that will bring the audience’s
attention to the speakers.


At the commandment of the Lord they rested in the tents… (Numbers 10:1)
Tents were Israel’s place to rest after sojourning. In fact, the scriptures
say, “ we labor to enter into his rest” (Hebrews 4:11). On 9/11,
NewYork City lost its ability to rest security. Although there is no possibility
of returning to the days before 9/11, the Lord still protects His people.
Though a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night, He protected the tents
or, Israel abiding. Now the Holy Spirit that is the covering.

Accordingly, DFO will have several prayer tents into which any participant
may go and receive specific prayer for their needs … or simply offer
praise. A variety of ministers will host the prayer tents throughout the days.
The praise tents will feature national and local gospel and praise teams.

The importance of these two tents is that the Lord will continually be honored
throughout the entire event, as he provides the protection against unseen
forces. Additional tents will be for the Christian Empowerment Lectures in
which national Christian teachers will lecture on finances, family life, prayer
life, empowering your calling, etc…


And the people had a mind to work… (Nehemiah 4:6)
DFO will coordination of events through all those who have a desire to rebuilding
ther community.

DFO will maintain an Board of Directors open to those who desire to share
in the vision, contribute any idea, or host an activity/function within the
event. DFO will partnership with all, but will not compromise its message.
DFO plans to coordinate with secular institutions to get the message out.
For example, a web page will be established to allow people who wish to come
to New York to pre-register, as a participant, volunteer, or activity host.
Over the past decade, DFO has been successful because we allow all visionaries
the opportunity to think big and achieve.

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