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Giant Leap in Tourism – Doha

What a fantastic experience… to sample a destination as it takes it first steps into the world of tourism…and what giant leaps they are!

For centuries, Qatar was known for it’s fishing and pearling trades, the Bay of Doha can be traced back to as early as the 18th century, but it is the sudden discovery of subterranean oil in the mid-20th Century, which took the Qatari’s from pearls to petroleum, from camels to cartels in two generations.

The amount of money being injected into this country is phenomenal, construction is at a rapid pace and the architecture, standards of facilities and level of customer service are fantastically high….you can’t help but be captivated by the Qatari hospitality and enamoured by their vision for the future.

My host, the Four Seasons Hotel, Doha was tastefully furnished and my bedroom was to die for, looking out over the sun jewelled bay. Rooms have both bath and separate shower cubicle, desk and a bed that I really don’t remember …I felt so relaxed after my massage in the fantastic spa centre that I was out like a light as soon as my head hit the pillow.

The temperature was in the high 30’s but strangely not a problem…everywhere is fully air conditioned, even the Al Shaqab stables where you can take a look at the 250 strong collection of fine Arabian horses and their giant sized swimming pool!

We raced over the sand dunes in 4×4’s, chilled out on a cruise of the River Dhow and then rode camels to our desert oasis, dressed in flowing robes and belly danced the night away … whilst alcohol is frowned upon it’s still possible to have a tipple if supplied by a licensee.

You’ll be guaranteed state of the art conference facilities and great bedroom stock in Doha. The City boasts a spectacular stadium all ready to host next years Asian Games coinciding with the opening of the worlds first International Airport designed to accommodate the new airbus – of which Qatar Airways (who were recently awarded to skytrax 5* accolade) already have 42!

Shopping at the Landmark Mall or the Gulf’s largest �?Doha City Centre is comparable to Dubai. Besides the modern malls, Doha still offers traditional shopping in souqs (markets) where you can find a wealth of choice at very competitive prices.

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