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Tramadol Tablets

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Tramadol tablets are available in a few different varieties. You’ll find them in 50mg and 100mg dosages, depending on how severe your pain is and what your doctor prescribes due to that pain. The dose is usually either 50mg or 100mg every 4 to 6 hours. Also, almost all doctors will tell you that you shouldn’t take more than 400mg per day of tramadol. For chronic pain and 24 hour pain management, some patients will be prescribed the extended release version, known simply as tramadol XR or Ultram XR. By taking the time to learn about tramadol and how it works, you will better know what to expect from taking the medication.

Tramadol tablets are an atypical analgesic. This simply means that they work differently than typical analgesics. In reality they actually bind the opiad receptors in the brain, functioning more like an opiate than an analgesic. However, they do not carry the same risks, dependency, or even the “high” feeling that much harsher narcotics would, making them a better option for many people because of it. The addiction possibility with this medication is minimal, because the opiate effect is very weak and short lived, making it hard to become dependent upon the drug unless it is taken in large doses or misused.

Tramadol tablets cannot be purchased legally without a prescription. You can obtain one by visiting your doctor and discussing your pain problems, or from a dentist, because they are commonly used for dental pain. If you are shopping online, you can even find a few online pharmacies that will sell tramadol tablets and write you the prescription for them depending on your situation, because they keep doctors on staff. This is a great option for those who have annoying pain but no financial means to make a doctor’s appointment just to get medication.

Tramadol tablets do have side effects, medication interactions, and shouldn’t be used for those with seizures, kidney disease, or liver disease. However, compared to other drugs of its type, tramadol is easily the most effective with the least negative effects, which makes it a popular choice among doctors and patients alike for pain management. Although it wasn’t widely used until after the 1970s, because its methods were not understood, tramadol is now easily one of the most prescribed pain medications. It works for a variety of pain management, including chronic pain, severe pain, acute pain, and even post-operative pain.

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