Soy isoflavone plus

Soy Isoflavone PlusSoy
Isoflavone Plus
is a new
breakthrough in woman’s nutrition – 
Scientific studies are now showing that soy
isoflavones may have many health benefits. (see
links below for studies showing some of the
benefits of soy isoflavones)

Soy Isoflavones appear to have a
protective effect against breast cancer,
decrease symptoms like hot flashes associated
with menopause as well as prevent heart disease
and osteoporosis.*

Isoflavone Plus
contains 100 mg
of Soy Isoflavonoids per tablet along with a
specialized blend  of other powerful
antioxidants important in female nutrition.*  

Let’s face it, eating a diet of
60 grams of soy protein per day to get the
protective benefits 30-50 mg of of soy
isoflavones can be a bit unpleasant to the taste
buds.  Unless of course, you love tofu, soy
milk and soy drinks several times a day! 
Soy Isoflavone Plus makes it easy.  Just 1
tablet a day gives you all the soy isoflavonoids
needed to get the maximal health benefits
possible from soy.*    

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