George Michael, Sting, Seal…but it was the mention of Tracy Chapman as an influence which caught my
interest in this band. As a hardcore fan of hers I was intrigued to hear what The Indie Soul Movement had
to offer. Also, for me, Indie and Soul are definitive oxymorons and not congruous words to describe a
band. However after speaking to Mike and Mutch aka The Indie Soul Movement at a recent gig, they beg
to differ.

“We embrace all music types and we are a bit of everything…thus ‘Indie Soul’ epitomises us
singer/guitarist Mutch tells me with a smile standing rather tentatively in between the toilets and fire exit-
the only relatively quiet spot in the venue. From the moment I see them at their soundcheck, there are
dancing sparks which resonate from this band. Mutch bears a striking resemblance to Nigerian/US Soul/
Rn’B artist Keziah Jones. I first took heed of Keziah after his mind-blowing performance at the Nice Jazz
Festival in July 2004. With powerful songs like ’72 kilos of Nigerian Weed’ and a hypnotising rendition of
‘All Along the Watchtower,’  Keziah managed to mess with Hendrix and remarkably, came out on top. Mutch
oozes as much talent vocally as Keziah and Mike, the reserved lead guitarist, holds his own confidently on
stage using styles ranging from Latino to Classical in just a couple of bars. Gosh, he sure can play..

I tell the band that I first read their lyrics before I heard their songs, something which I’m inclined to do
when sent lyrics. Mutch’s words are thought-provoking bullets of poems: “Seek me like the echo that you
searched for as a child”( Letting Go) is just one fragment of a larger, honest picture that this band paint.  
When I heard the track I was stunned to hear an upbeat and melodic tune rather than a more slower and
morose sounding track as I had imagined. Songwriter Mutch says, “When I started writing songs, I knew I
had a message, a purpose. However there are so many depressing things out there that I wanted to make
my songs meaningful but also uplifting.”

How he manages to do this is rather incomprehensible as most musicians will agree that writing uplifting
songs is much more of a challenge than penning slower songs, yet writing such songs while retaining a
deep message is a monumental hurdle. But that’s what makes this band so exciting. It’s not all “ I love you
baby, honey, darling” type of irritatingly happy feel-good music. Indie Soul create intelligent feel-good
music and this is because they excel at what they do. Both Mike and Mutch are impressive guitarists and
this is helped from their diverse influences ranging from the aforementioned Chapman to Chopin, Chick
Corea and Miles Davis. This band are distinctively a mixture of soul, pop and Rn’B but I’ve yet to hear the

Mutch was born in Zambia and grew up in Zimbabwe. I ask him about the music scene there. “I performed
a lot over there. However I didn’t really fit with the vibe/style. Some people suggested I move over to
London and try out the scene here. It seemed like a natural step as I grew up listening to British bands
and for me it was like, yes!”. Within a few months of arriving here Mutch met Mike who had recently
arrived from Poland for exactly the same reasons. “Yes, British artists had a huge impact on me and I
always followed British music when I was younger.” And thus the band formed. They are now a regular
fixture on the London gig circuit, recently had some songs featured on a compilation CD and are signed to
FRG Records.

I ask the band which artist they would like pay tribute to if asked to do so to which they both firmly reply:
“We don’t do covers. They’re pretty pointless.” Fair enough, don’t go expecting to hear a knees up
rendition of ‘Brown- eyed girl’ when you see these guys live. “But we wouldn’t mind Sting performing
‘Letting Go’ at our MTV Icon show,” Mike hastily adds (MTV Icon honours respected artists). To which I
question Sting’s availability in 20 years time as he is getting on a bit but then there’s the tantric yoga and
the Brussel sprout diet which will probably enable him to live to 200. “Who said 20 years?” Mutch asks
astounded. “We mean in 5 years time.” To which I add a rather “Cor blimey, you guys are set on making it!”

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