About madcat

About MadCat

Founded in 1996 the MadCat Womens International
Film Festival is a forum which highlights avant-garde experimental
and independent films and videos from around the globe. MadCat
is an all volunteer organization and it is community members and
organizations that support and sustain the festival each year.

MadCat is based in San Francisco, a city
respected internationally for its tolerance and diversity, as
well as a sophisticated and enthusiastic film audience. These
viewers have helped maintain a variety of film festivals such
as the International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, the Asian
American Film Festival and the Jewish Film Festival. For all its
diversity of underrepresented groups, San Francisco has no other
venue dedicated exclusively for women’s visions. MadCat has filled
that gap in the Bay Area of Northern California with its annual
festival and expanded its scope with a touring program which travels
across the United States and Canada inviting audiences of all
backgrounds to view and learn about experimental filmmaking.

MadCat not only supports women film and
videomakers but also invites women who utilize other mediums to
participate and exhibit their work at the screenings. Most notably,
since 1999 MadCat has collaborated with San Francisco based photography
collective Point Blank. For more information about Point Blank
please email [email protected]
or call (415) 861-3156.

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