One way to be a calm person

Living in this world through years and years, have caused you everything both positive and negative side. Some of you probably experience life through some pain, both physical and emotional one. For you who have such experience, there is always an answer to recover yourself. Despite of being involved in the Ilchi Lee Lawsuit case, Ilchi Lee still provides you the Dahn
Yoga as the best answer.

The Dahn Yoga is a technique from South Korea based on the ancient Korean healing tradition. The technique will teach you by manipulating your mind to be a more responsible person. By this method, you will also gain strength to heal yourself. Nutrition to your body, mind and brain is given during exercise.

You will learn to live in harmony and balance with the universe, open your heart and switch it to a relax mode, help you to gain a spiritual yet positive energy. This energy will help you through issues and physical problem, improve your life quality. Whether you realize it or not, when you
have positive energy on your mind and body, you are able to control and chase everything you want to achieve. The universe is a big catalogue and your healthy mind is the right tool to open and pick every item of the catalogue. This is the closest parable of having a healthy mind in its
relation with the life. One class in Dahn Yoga is to teach you to meditate. Meditation helps you to relax your physic, mental, and emotional. You are awake but you get yourself into a one calm condition.

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