If You Did Not Know, This Happens To Your Body If You Do Not Have Intimate Relationships For 7 Days Or More! | Your Health Today

Thanks to the internet, today we can find out things that would not be possible before. For example, we all take for granted many things, although in reality we do not know the benefits that brings us.

That is the case of intimate relationships that are nothing more than a moment of pleasure. This activity, bring us many health benefits that we might not imagine .

However, like any other healthy activity, if we stop practicing it, we will lose its benefits. That’s why many experts say that not having intimate relationships for a week brings serious consequences. Hence in this article we talk about the consequences of not having intercourse for 1 week.

1. Stress

Having relationships with your partner is a very practical and enjoyable way to reduce stress. That is why, when we stop pampering, we lose that benefit. According to a study conducted in 2005, making love with your partner constantly improve physical and brain performance . In addition, this is like a workout that will help you perform more at the next meeting.

2. Heart problems

We all know that those who do not perform any physical activity, they have heart problems. Since having relationships requires physical activity, it improves our heart health and our circulation.

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